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Fw: DirecTV Subscriber Feedback

FYI ... my message to DirecTV & their reply.

73 - Dave

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From: <feedback@mail.directv.com>
To: <kt0h@pcisys.net>
Sent: Saturday, December 18, 1999 09:25
Subject: RE: DirecTV Subscriber Feedback

> *************** Original Message ***************
>  VERY disturbed that I did not find the NASA channel on CH-376 on Dec 15
> as announced! SHAME on you! There are plenty of shopping channels,
> aren't there. BOOOO!!!!!!!!! 
> ***************************************************
>  Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, due to limited room on the
> satalite that provides the signal for your system, NASA TV and other new
> channels had to be placed on the new satalite that was launched
> recently. The only way to receive the new satalites signal is to upgrade
> your system to the new Plus DIRECTV or Para Todos sytems. 

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