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Re: DirecTV adds NASA TV

On 12/17/99 10:54 AM, Roger Snyder (k4rs@iname.com)  passed this wisdom:

>I am very pleased to see that the situation is the exact opposite on Dish.
>When I installed the system a few months ago, the NASA channel was on
>another satellite.  Recently, I noticed it was available on channel 213 of
>their main bird.

yes ... and the 'other bird' has almost all of the regular channels 
anyway the differences between the two birds is in the more 'exotic' 
channels. Probably 99% of subscribers coud switch to that with no change 
at all to their viewing habits except adding the NASA channel. I did soem 
serious comparison shopping when I decided to go with Dishnet, long 
enough ago that they basically didn't even advertise DN around here 
(NWVT) ... from day one I thought their offering and pricing scheme was 
superior to Direct TV ... my only beef is that their DirectPC equivalent 
has been real slow coming ... been in the 'real soon now' phase 
waayyyyyyyyy too long.

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