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Re: DirecTV adds NASA TV

At 20:12 12/15/1999 -0800, Patty Winter wrote:

>Situation summary: We've been screwed.
>DirecTV has decided to put NASA TV on *another* satellite--
>for which you need either a DirecTV Plus or Para Todos
>system. I know that involves at least a different dish,
>and possibly a different receiver.

I am very pleased to see that the situation is the exact opposite on Dish.
When I installed the system a few months ago, the NASA channel was on
another satellite.  Recently, I noticed it was available on channel 213 of
their main bird.

I still intend to get my C band system fixed, but this sure helps in the
mean time!

Happy Holidays all...

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS
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