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Re: DirecTV adds NASA TV

Situation summary: We've been screwed.

DirecTV has decided to put NASA TV on *another* satellite--
for which you need either a DirecTV Plus or Para Todos
system. I know that involves at least a different dish,
and possibly a different receiver.

There is general outrage being expressed on the DBS
newsgroup. Some of the postings there have given specific
people to write to, but for starters, call customer service
at 1-800-531-5000 and complain. Then check out the DBS
group for more information. We taxpayers pay for NASA TV;
if DirecTV is going to add public-interest channels, they
should give this one higher priority. And NTV has always
been one of the most requested channels for them to add.
(It was #11 in Satellite Direct's poll a year ago.)

I don't know what the odds are of getting NTV on in time
for tomorrow's launch, but they're bound to be better the
more people who call and complain.

(Kelley, it sounds like you're in NRTC territory and DTV 
may not want to talk with you directly, but this is a DTV 
programming issue, not anything your NRTC provider can fix.)

Patty N6BIS
(not normally this growly, but this was a dumb, dumb,
dumb move on DTV's part)

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