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Mir Amateur Radio SSTV Anniversary !!

Hello All Mir Fans,
    Today December 12, 1999 marks the 1st Anniversary of the Historical
event of receiving Amateur Radio SSTV pictures from the Mir Space Station !
    For those not acquainted with this event, an Amateur Radio SSTV
hardware system was delivered to Mir in October 1998.  The Mir crew
proceeded to install this equipment and first transmitted pictures  on
December 12, 1998..  Many excellent and exciting live pictures were sent to
Earth on this date. In the following 7 months many thousands of pictures
were sent  to Earth showing the cosmonauts, shots within the Mir and views
of Earth and Space.
    Many news articles were published  by  various magazines and other
media around the world.  MSNBC ran 5 stories on their web news.  In fact,
their 1st story with pictures is still running and may be viewed at:


This news report tells some of the background of the Amateur Radio SSTV
development  for Mir.
    The last picture  from Mir was of the 3 Cosmonauts, recorded on August
27, 1999,  just before they boarded the Soyuz for departure back to Earth.
(The November, 1999 issues of CQ-VHF pgs 44, 45 and QST pg 70 show these
last pictures).
     Mir is now running "solo" under computer control. As has been
previously reported,  plans are to reboard Mir in the March/April, 2000 time
frame.  As far as is known,  the Mir SSTV equipment is still in place and
hopefully will be reactivated at the approval of Energia and the discretion
of the crew during their stay aboard Mir.
    In the meanwhile,  "on air" terrestrial experiments are being conducted
for a new type of SSTV system which might be suitable for use aboard  the
International Space Station.
    Stay tuned for further news.  Farrell Winder, W8ZCF.

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