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Jota JamCam! page ready! (Well, almost)

Hi All!
	I have nearly finished my JamCam! webcam page. It will run
continuously during JOTA, and a chat section is provided. If you hit
french pages while browsing, don't mail me as I am translating them
now... http://jamcam.cjb.net/

	I remind you of the modes we will try to operate on: HF, VHF, UHF,
(Packet), (ATV), APRS(Demo), Sat(Demo), Webcam + chat. Packet and ATV
are dependent on resolving some tech. difficulties before the event.

	Also, I plan to have an IRC channel to be used as a worldwide radio
"call" channel. It will be on DALnet at #JOTA-En and #JOTA-Fr .

	Please pass the word around! The more, the merrier!

		Martin VE2MRX


Martin VE2MRX
Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

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