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Re: Re: SAREX-digest V1999 #233

You should stick around, David.  The International Space Station will be
as interesting and fun as Mir.  The first ham station is going up on
STS-101 in January, 2000.  The permanent crew scheduled for March has
been saying they are very interested in doing ham operations...

ritz wrote:
> Well I'm checking out of this list, I guess I was just in it for the MIR.
> Anyway, you guys are the best listproc group I have EVER been in.
> Whenever I asked a question i was BOMBARDED with excellent and varied
> solutions.  Thanks so much!  It was a pleasure.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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> ritz@eecs.wsu.edu                            (509)335-7301
> Washington State University         Work Fax (509)335-3818
> School of Elect. Engr & Comp Sci. - Pullman, WA 99164-2752

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