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Icom 821H or Yaesu FT-847???

 Hi all,

 I'm thinking about purchasing a new Icom IC-821H or Yaesu FT-847 in the
semi-near future, and have read the reviews in QST. And I cannot make up
my mind as to which rig to buy. I already have three HF rigs, and one of
those has six meters in it, so the "all in one" thing isn't the issue
for me. What I want to know, is which one of these two radios is the
best for: EME work, weak signal terrestrial work, and of course, (and
mainly), satellite operation.

 So, I'm looking for opinions from fellow Amateurs who have used one or
preferably both of these radios. So far, I am leaning towards the Icom,
based on the fact that it seems to have a more sensitive receiver. Not
as good as I'd like, according to the specs, but still it appears to be
the best one out there. I just wish that it was a little cheaper. The
DSP on the Yaesu and a few of it's other standard features are really
nice sounding for just a bit more money. But I also read and heard that
under crowded band conditions that the Yaesu isn't nearly as good as the
Icom. That's a key issue for me, as I do want to use the radio in
contests too.

 So anyway, any comparison thoughts or personal experiences that you
might have will be deeply appreciated by me.

 73 & Tnx in advance! Clinton Herbert AB7RG

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