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RE: interesting thought: EME and manned lunar exploration

On 9/8/99 3:04 PM, Boissonneault, Martin (A) (ve2mrx@AMSAT.Org)  passed 
this wisdom:

>	From what I understand, on the ground here, you need high EIRP power
>so the overall wave reflection would be strong enough for the receiver
>to pick it up. The total Tx power is however spread on all of the
>moon's visible surface. My guess is that an handy-talkie on the moon
>would be stronger than EME...

 This brings to mind my days working with Raytheon on AEGI Missile Fire 
Control Systems. Some of our colleagues on other prjects told us that the 
received signal from the Pave Paws over the horizon radar in the 400 MHz 
range reflected back from the moon had been measured as high as 20 
microvolts. Which is why there were supposedly some hefty warnings to 
mariners not to even have 450-470 Mhz radios on boats for some 100 miles 
or so in front of the array. I think it looked SE from a site in the 
northern end of Otis AFB / Camp Edwards / Mass. Military Reservation. It 
would probably cook a D7 that wasn't even powered up ... sort of a 
"Stealth EMP"

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