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RE: interesting thought: EME and manned lunar exploration

	From what I understand, on the ground here, you need high EIRP power
so the overall wave reflection would be strong enough for the receiver
to pick it up. The total Tx power is however spread on all of the
moon's visible surface. My guess is that an handy-talkie on the moon
would be stronger than EME...

	Having a large base up there could marginally help things. High power
is needed because "sand" and rocks are not very good radio reflectors.
A large metallic structure is far better! The enhancement would be
small since the metallic covered area is real small compared to the
visible moon surface.

	Unfortunately, all this is at best a guess, as I am not doing
moonbounce. I do know it's theory, but I haven't done any calculations
to see how all this would work in the "real world".

		Martin VE2MRX

Martin VE2MRX
Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

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Some of the recent commentary on a possible return to manned
exploration of
the moon got me thinking:  How does that affect EME operation?  Is
any possibility of EME stations interfering with operations at a
lunar base, and if so, could current EME operators become an asset as
backup communications system for such a base?  Just a thought .. now
would be an interesting satellite QSO .. not to mention putting a high
power SSB translator up there, or maybe even FM ..

strictly my $.02

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