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RE: ISS ON HF (Inspection)

Hi Jim, Hi All!

 > I have not heard anything more recent about Russian launch
 > delays, but I am certain they will try very hard to get the next
 > into orbit as close as possible to the schedule.
 > I wish they could see themselves as partners, not as "vanquished"
 > "competitors" in space. We will do much more and more quickly
 > as we work together.

	Last I heard, they where behind schedule...

	Yes, I feel NASA is playing the bully in this partnership... I know
that NASA kept telling the Russians to ditch Mir 'cause "that would
allow them to concentrate on ISS". I somewhat agree they should
concentrate more on ISS, but they could have found a middle ground...
Telling them to just toss it out is like telling them that NASA has
better than that. Guess what? NOT! NASA never had any program that
would compete with the station until now! They could wait for ISS to
be operational before saying such thing... Unfortunately, in the
initial planning for ISS, I don't think they planned for such money
problems in what was then USSR

	I wonder if this isn't a mistake of NASA in the initial planning
stages of NOT thinking some monetary problems could come up in
Russia... Don't take me wrong, NASA has done wonders over the years.
Unfortunately, I do not see the term "over-budget" going away soon...
The Space Transportation System was overbudget, ISS currently is (and
it's not yet operational)... Not to forget the last great achievement
of mankind, sending a man to the moon. Anyway, I do not think they
would embark on such journeys if they weren't capable to face those
over-budgets. It's hard to put a price on hard science anyway... You
may look for years never finding anything, or you might turn around
and find a miracle. I guess nobody knows.

	Most of the benefits drawn from space exploration are not from the
science done in space itself, but from science derived from that work.
No direct cash-in for the space agencies. Some technologies developed
for space made their way into our homes, like Dustbusters, LEDs, and
many others. Yet, when I buy those, none of the money goes to NASA ;)

	I guess that what I mean overall is that Space exploration is hard to
 > Watch the board for posts, especially anything from K6DUE.
 > Finally, I had the great fortune to speak with Jean-Pierre in early
 > July. A wonderful gentleman.

	Lucky you!! I'd buy a time machine to do the same! At the time, my
station could not reach Mir properly... And since I didn't operate for
two years before, well, I didn't try... From I read here, Jean-Pierre
was one of the most active on Mir ever! He seemed to take his
"contest" at heart! So many of us tried, and he called as many he
could.. We should send him a plaque or something!

 > --
 > Best regards, Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ

		Martin VE2MRX

Martin VE2MRX
Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

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