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Shuttle inspection

>	Could it be wiring that they are inspecting? My shuttle status
>messages indicate a fleet wide inspection of wiring. A short in one of
>them during the last mission would have caused some engine controllers
>to fail. They are looking more closely to see where it occurs, and how
>to prevent it in the future.

thought it was a couple of the GPC's that shut down .. I do know they came
closer than they ever have to an RTLS abort.  That would have been a pretty
spectacular failure ..

>	Also, some debris would have damaged one of the main shuttle engine's
>bell, causing a small hydrogen leak in the bell's cooling system, and
>a small plume outside the bell during the last liftoff...

heard about that .. never saw video but apparently one of the SSME's was
showing signs of very anomalous operation.  Definitely time to ground the
fleet and take a look at all the hardware -- I know they look it at during
turnaround at the OPF but maybe it's time to do a major teardown.

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