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phasing of antennas

Hi Everyone,
Apologies for broadcasting this message, but I need some help.
I have made crossed Yagis for VHF and UHF, the vertical and horizontal
elements being mounted right next to each other (not separated by 1/4 L)
I need some advise as to how I can phase them correctly and enable switching
from RHP to LHP.
I have the articles from the ARRL Handbook and also have the ARRL Antenna
My problem is that the designs use RG 133 95-ohm cable to achieve the
correct phasing etc, whereas this cable is not available here in India.
I am trying to get readymade cable harnesses from suppliers in the US and
have contacted Ham Radio Outlet and Burghardt, but if any one can guide me
as to how the system can be made to work with the available 52-ohm and
75-ohm cables, I would be most grateful.
The antennae are with driven elements "T" matched, but I can make folded
dipoles if that will help in solving the problem.
Many thanks for the help,

Gopal VU2GMN, Madras, India

Gopal Madhavan
63 Greenways Road
Madras 600 028
Tel: 91 44 493 7724 Fax: 91 44 493 9818

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