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Re: [amsat-bb] PACSAT Live QSO's?

Good Morning Bob;

	You have posed son interesting questions. Living here in West
Texas and having been a ham for some twenty years now, I've see nearly
the same thing happen with
ground based packet.  I was one of the first to operate packet in the
area.  For a few years it went great guns, then it got to the point that
there was no-one on the other end just the computer mail box. We are now
seeing a
rebirth in packet here. Due in part to APRS, but also a return to
keyboard to keyboard use.  
	What I'm really saying here, I guess is that the
personal interaction was the missing factor. I think, that as human
beings, this interaction is necessary to our well being, and when it is
lacking intrust falls off rapidly.  People start looking for it in other
	If I had to make a choice between store and forward operation and
working one of the "Easy Sats" person to person, the "Easy Sat" would win
hands down.
Also with the influx of less skilled Amateurs and the other demands on
every-ones time this day and age, An easy to use system is what will
eventually bear the bulk of users.  More Easy Sats please! Voice and

                          "73"      John,   KG5ZA

In The Twinkling of A Star,
  All That Glitters is not Gold!

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