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MIR: Gone but not forgotten

First, may I say I'm glad all three cosmonauts arrived safely back on earth and had a
warm welcome reunion with family and friends.
Second, I agree with others . . . rust cannot form without oxygen regardless of
material affected.
Thirdly, may I also state that we should be expounding the success of this endeavor.
Russia (Soviet Union) has accomplished a major feat in itself the fact that they had
an space station in orbit and for over 13 yrs.  They overcame all obsticles
confronted except money which is a common one for all of us.  But the biggest, most
important achievement in my opinion, is the fact that this wasn't a "cold war"
competitive endeavor but a worldwide meeting of minds, bodies and spirits.
Disagreements were resolved without the necessity of war.  Cooperation was in of
itself -- success!  We have all shared each and every minute, trial and tribulation
making new friends as we went.  It has opened new doors of learning and friendships.
I only accomplished a packet connect during the past two years but have eagerly read
every SAREX digest and shared successes of others in voice, sstv and packet.  I have
learned much, gained new experiences and found new friends.  I too will miss MIR as a
part of my daily life as well but look forward to new challenges and endeavors with
old friends.  Thanks to all who have participated and shared knowledge, mistakes and
successes.  Hopefully we will go forward together.


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