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I agree with Fabrizio!

What is missing are the positive things that have been accomplished
on-board the MIR during it's many years in space. All I have heard on
TV and radio the past couple days is about a bucket of rust. The MIR
has had a fine history of accomplishments and the real saga needs to
be presented to the world. Most people I mention the MIR to, have no
idea what it is about.

I feel very proud and honored that I was able to participate!
Listening to, sharing with elementary school children and QSO's with
several of the crews in the past couple of years. Many thanks to each
and every individual that had a part in bringing MIR to so many people
through Amateur Radio.



"ing. F. Bernardini" wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Aug 1999 K6due@aol.com wrote:
> > MOSCOW (AP) - The last full-time crew undocked from the Mir and glided toward
> > Earth early Saturday, bidding farewell to the rust-stained, rattling,
> > 13-year-old Russian space station in preparation for its abandonment next
> > year.
> >

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