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Mir - Visual Observations.

I just had the oportinity of visually observing the MIR spacestation and I
watched it set on my optical horizon at Azmith 133 degrees. WinOrbit 3.5
gave the Azmith at 134 degrees which I think is not to bad as my old
prismatic compass is probably only good to a dergree or so but what was
suprising was that it gave the elevation as -6 degrees at 07:52:12z when I
observed it set. As expected radio signal strengths (peaking at 5 x 8 during
the pass; only packet heard) reflected my visual observations leading me to
believe I was looking at the right satelite. The keps I was using were
issued on last Friday. Is this the normal level of accuracy to be expected?
I am using the SGP orbital model.


Murray Peterson
Sydney, Australia.

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