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Re: mir and th7d

> I'm trying to contact R0MIR in APRS, using the TH7D. The setup of the
> APRS parameters I'm using are:
> My call:      PY2FKQ
> GPS unit:     not used
> My position:  my local Lat/Long ok
> Icom:         walking man
> Status text:  SB Hello from Brazil
> TX int.:      0.5 min
> Packet Path:  R0MIR
> Data TX:      Manual
> Unprotocol:   APK001
> Pos.Limit:    Off
> Unit: km. c.
> Are these settings OK? I'm not sure about the UNPROTOCOL setting mainly.

*** Yes, do *not* change the APK001 or your packets will become private
and not seen by anyone else unless they have the same matching UNPROTO.  

*** Also, the "SB" is not needed in APRS for the STATUS which is included
on every position packet.  BUT if you send an APRS "message" using the MSG
key, then we have asked that you send it as a Bulletin instead of a
private message so everyone else will see it.  In this case send the
Message "to" BLN1 or BLN2 or BLNn etc...

de WB4APR, Bob

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