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Re: [OZAPRS] Success Finally

At 14:27 17/08/1999 +0930, you wrote:

...snip.... Thankyou to all that have replied to my 
>queries.   The only other operator in my area connected  into R0MIR last
>evening and was able to beacon out his location via  MIR.   Cheers all Ben,
>VK5JFK in Mt Gambier,  SA vk5neb@seol.net.au   

 I'm not in the shack all that often when mir passes, but I have aprs set
up and running nearly full time. I did see a VK5 on Sat (I think!!)
evening, pop up, cant remember the call tho'.

Look for me on any pass over Australia in the arvo/evening or in the 0600
local time slot. Tonites passes are: AOS at
	17/08/1999 16:55:31
	17/08/1999 18:26:31
	17/08/1999 20:03:31 

for my QTH. times EST.

I generally send a full aprs posit and/or status, usually with the local wx
rpt. If I'm QSO via Mir i put the gridsquare in the Unproto field so u'll
have to use Grid-in-to mode to see me.

BTW, it would be really neat if everyone who uses Mir would set their
Unproto path to gridsquare via R0MIR (eg, for me Unproto = QF27WD V R0MIR)
even if they're not APRS users.

I've posted to the OZAPRS group and the SAREX group, maybe someone will
take the hint!!!!

Norm, VK2XCI.
Mount Hope NSW. Voice of the Edge of The Outback
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