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Re: JP loud and clear at 1445

In a message dated 15/08/99 16:56:39 GMT Daylight Time, 
71331.1337@compuserve.com writes:

<< Interestingly, during all three public QSO periods that
 I've monitored from NJ and from England, I never once
 heard him on 145.800 or 145.825, the two frequencies
 besides 145.985 that had been coordinated for this
 purpose.  I did hear him over the UK on 145.840 and
 145.850, which had not been coordinated, mostly talking
 in French to French stations.  I wonder if anyone did hear
 him on 145.800 or 145.825?
 In any event, thank you to the entire crew and a safe
 trip home.
 73, Ray >>

I listened out here in the Uk on all passes over those two weeknds and all I 
heard was JP talking in French. Very disapointing.

Neil Toombes
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