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ROMIR ON VOICE 1130, 1305, 1445 UTC 8/15/99

After another incomplete QSO with Jean on the 1130 utc pass ( he only had
the SF of my callsign) I had a complete QSO with Jean on MIR this morning
at 1306 UTC, after he sent another station a SSTV of Mir showing the
Soyuz which he said would burn up in a few days.

KD4SFF:  "Good afternoon MIR, my name is Al, this is KD4SFF" in
(Russian).  Jean Pierre I'm glad to hear your comming home.  My name is
Al, in Greenville, SC.  Could you come back with my full callsign, this
is KD4SFF, Over (in English)

ROMIR: KD4SFF Thanks a lot for this contact, you are 59 from ROMIR.

KD4SFF: 73, Thanks for the picture

R0MIR: Bye-bye, this is Mir Space station

After working ??KPQ & ??JEZ, he said:

ROMIR:I would like to congratulate American radio ham where have a lot of
discipline compared to the one of Europe, It's impossible to make any
contacts in Europe because everyone is speaking at same time, so thanks a
lot for respect of the rule I try to build to make more contacts I can,
OK this is MIR Space station.

He worked several other stations on this pass, and again on the next pass
over the US after sending a SSTV picture.

I would also like to thank all the  hams in the US for being courteous to
Jean & the rest of the stations trying for a contact!

Good luck & 73
Al / KD4SFF : )
Amsat Area Coordinator
Greenville, SC

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