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Re: Mir Voice Schedule Update from Mir 11:30 UTC

The 1303 UTC pass over Indiana was active with voice traffic.  JP talked with people the entire pass
and seemed to be enjoying if very much.  I have two QSL cards from before and it was a chore not to
attempt another contact.

Good luck to those that haven't contacted MIR.



Miles Mann wrote:
> Druign the 11:30 UTC pass over the carabiean and east coast of the USA,
> JP made several 2-way QSO's and sent down to Earth several SSTV images.
> One station asked JP about QSL cards, JP said, I do not write anyting down
> I do not QSL.
> What JP meant, is that He is not activally managing the QSL process.
> No QSL logss are kept.
> QSL Information:
> Pleas provide the following information with your QSL  or SWL card.
> Return Name and Address, country, ZIP
> Date and time of your contact, In UTC format
> Signal report (Best guess)
> Radio Station and Antenna (optional)
> All Mir contacts, including SWL, Two-way voice or Packet connections (R0MIR),
> and including the Sputnik Satellites
> Envelopes should be well sealed and do not include cash.
> Send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope ) and one or two IRC coupons
> (which can be purchased at major US post offices).
> Do not make any notes on the out side of the envelope with Amateur Radio
> Call signs visible.
> Sergej Samburov
> PO Box 73
> Korolev-10 City
> Moscow Area, 141070, Russia
> ************************************************

Terry L. Brooks
PO Box 333
Evansville, IN 47702-0333
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