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Re: Human spaceflight ham frequencies

>  >
>  > Yes, an HF antenna will be installed on the outside of the ISS during a
>  > spacewalk on STS-101 in December.  Transceivers to utilize that
>  > capability will be flown after 2000.  We probably won't be able to do
>  > from the EXPRESS Pallet because of restrictions on what can protrude
>  > outside of our payload envelope.
>  >         73,
>  >         Will
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> Will, Eric just echoed an idea I had - verbatim. If he and I have
> considered the possibility of some intriguing props studies from ABOVE
> the F layer, others must have as well. The possibility for some real
> research is there.
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> Best regards, Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ
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The beacons on UO-9 in the HF bands were a cool idea!  HF and space can be a
fun mix.


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