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Re: Human spaceflight ham frequencies

Exactly right, Jim!  We had talked about having an automated system that
would switch frequencies based upon the orbital position of the ISS. 
What a nightmare!  Plus it won't really solve the problem because of the
huge field of view of the satellite.  How do you handle a southerly pass
over the United States when the ISS sees the USA, Mexico, and South
American countries?  They all have different band plans.  The same
problem happens over the other continents.  The frequency switching idea
cannot work.  8(  

I'm afraid that we will have to live with "crummy" frequencies in the
VHF and UHF bands.  That is unfortunate because everyone is committed to
providing an "easysat" capability to allow for easy entry by beginners.  

There is much more flexibility at the higher frequencies.  The
disadvantage is the Doppler...  And the fact that most of that gear
needs to be homebrewed.  Hopefully that will encourage a lot of people
to expand their skills...  

The problem is sufficiently complicated that I've backed away from it. 
I'll continue to push for hardware that will support many bands and
modes.  Frank and his partners in the international ham community will
need to decide what the ISS crews will be allowed to use... 
Fortunately, there are a number of dedicated ham volunteers in the
international community that are willing to work out solutions to this
very difficult issue.  

"Jim R." wrote:
> Frank, add that the frequencies would have to be changed about every -
> what - 45 minutes, at the least. I doubt they have time to do that.
> --
> Best regards, Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ

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