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Human spaceflight ham frequencies

Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, did a nice presentation about the frequency
problems while working the APRS QSY issue.  Go to
http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~kc6rol/freqs/index.htm to look at the
presentation.  Frequency allocation for human spaceflight is not easy or
straightforward.  It is not possible to switch frequencies over
different areas of the Earth because of the large areas that satellites
see.  And because band planning for VHF and above was a local issue
everyone has divided the bands up differently.  It takes an incredible
amount of work to try and get users off of a frequency.  As you can tell
these two facts conflict.  There is very little room for manuevering. 
But progress is being made...
Will Marchant, KC6ROL
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