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What a day!!!

Hi MIR fans

I've been waiting all weekend for some SSTV activity... No luck!
While I was waiting for today's last pass, I asked to my self if 
it worth turn the PC on... "Yeah, do it. You never know..." said 
my conscience. And so I did. Just in case...

You can imagine my hapiness when, at AOS (1929z), Jean Pierre announced 
he was going to send some pics. "So get ready", he said. A few moments 
later he sent an inside picture featured himself and Avdeyev (I think). 
Both had huge smiles on their face's. After sending it he asked if it,
was ok. Then he called CQ without any takers (he as over the Atlantic).
Two minutes after the first picture, another was sent. It was also from
inside, but on this ocasion they switched position. Again they called
CQ without reply! So I called them, said I had received both pictures 
perfectly, and asked if I could send a picture of myself! I could not
belive when he said "Yes, go ahead". I just confirmed if they were
and after the Ok, a pic of my shack was hitting the air waves on the 
way to MIR! They received it ok, and JP asked about my first name 
(Francisco). We said goodbye and they continued calling CQ...

All happened so fast and so well I almost couldn't belive!
I also can't really describe the feeling... Beside all the sense of
achivment and time rewarding, it's the fact that is more important.
Just to think those "guys up there" could see who they were talking
on the earth... WOW! That's really something!

Many thanks to ALL who helped to make this dream come true!

Best 73 
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Tonight I will upload the pics to KO-25.
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