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Fwd: Expedition

> Hello Richard - Saw your msg on SAREX BBS - Was a SAREX School contact for
> STS-55 - A real thrill.
> Thought you or your friends might be interested in below - an educational &
> amateur radio Special Events Station "K2A" trek from Mexico to North of The
> Arctic Circle - Registration is Free. - Visit our sites for more info - Pass
> the word - Hope you will join us.
> Regards, Jim
> James W. W. Wilmerding, M.Ed., EMT-I
> Andrew C. Wilmerding, BS
> Michael Slade,BA
> Rufus & Cleo, "Ph.D.ogs"
> Education Coordinators
> Border To Expedition Society
> mailto: w2emt@arrl.net
> Trek Sites:
> http://www.bordertoborder.com
> http://www.lab-rover.com
> http://www.qsl.net/w2emt
> Border To Border Expedition Society
> The Border To Border Expedition Society was formed in early 1998 to
> celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary Year of Land Rover vehicles. From an idea
> of Land Rover enthusiast Simon Burn, the society was registered as a
> Not-For-Profit organization, and the first major off-road trek organized:
> Trans-American Trek 98 (TA 98). Twenty-seven vehicles representing every
> model of classic and modern Land Rover participated in this mostly off-road
> 10-day adventure from Canada to Mexico covering 2,300 miles!
> Trans-American Trek 99 (TA99) September 1999
> An adventure of epic proportion, this year's Trans-American Trek leaves from
> the Mexican Border at Tijauna and travels to Inuvik NWT, North of the Arctic
> Circle - the furthest point north in The Canadian Northwest accessible by
> vehicle. The expedition will be divided into two stages:
> Stage I - (M2C) September 1-10 Mexico to Canada, takes the Land Rovers
> across some of the toughest off-road desert trails the Western US has to
> offer through Southern California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and up to Washington
> State. Over 2,000 enduring miles of inhospitable terrain.
> Stage II - (A2A) September 10-23 Canada North, travels from the temperate
> climate of Vancouver through the backcountry of British Columbia, Alaska,
> The Yukon and Northwest Territories then on up to the barren tundra above
> the Arctic Circle. This stage features less severe off-roading, but takes
> the vehicles through some of the most remote and scenic landscapes on the
> continent.
> Education Component & Amateur Radio Special Events Station "K2A" on Stage II
> An education team will be accompanying the second part of TA99 (America to
> Alaska A2A) and provide live "student safe" Internet-based educational
> programs and classroom activities for schools and media across the world.
> Communications venues include Amateur "Ham" Radio; daily e-mail exchanges;
> real-time chat room; & message boards to facilitate "Expedition to School"
> and "School to School" interactions.
> The route has been carefully chosen to provide regular points of
> geographical, cultural, and historical interest along with scheduled
> on-route school visits. In addition to daily scheduled two-way radio
> contacts via Special Events Station "K2A", satellite phones and portable
> computers will be used to upload images and reports on a daily basis from
> the field to the Expedition web site. Border To Border wants the Society to
> cross not only geographical borders, but also cultural, educational,
> physical and personal borders. From the "B2B'ers" who are on the trip to the
> Couch Adventurers following their every move over the Internet and airwaves,
> to the classrooms across our two nations and the world, Border To Border
> wants to "Cross the Learning Borders of the Mind".
> B2B-EDU is lead by Team Lab-Rover  in vehicle number  "B2B-33" with
> educators Jim Wilmerding, W2EMT, his son Andrew Wilmerding, and Andrew's
> Labrador Retrievers, "Rufus & Cleo". They will be the voices for Team
> Lab-Rover and will be the B2B'ers that students will follow throughout the
> program. Teaching Kits, curriculum materials and numerous web-based
> classroom activities will be available for school and student usage.
> Registration is free and applications are being accepted now.
> Educational Objectives:
> * Incorporate Interdisciplinary approach to study of material
> * Expand knowledge base of areas traveled
> * Encourage intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills
> * Familiarize students' with varied communication techniques
> * Refine students' Internet research skills and computer proficiency
> * Encourage interchange & sharing of information between participating
> schools around the world
> * Have fun learning about a unique chapter in early US and Canadian history
> * Participate in a "virtual" field trip.
> Technologies Used:
> * Amateur Radio real-time two-way voice contact with Expedition (we can
> assist locating resources for schools not presently having that access)
> * Shortwave Radio and Web-based radio listening opportunities.
> * E-mail: Correspondence; Q & A; Digital photos & art work; Journal entries
>   Creative Writing exercises.
> * Web Based discussion forums: student safe real-time chat rooms,
> teacher/Student bulletin boards.
> * Numerous on-line educational activities designed for classroom usage.
> Necessary Equipment:
> * Internet access
> * E-mail access
> * Amateur radio or "short wave radio" access (optional)
> * Desire to travel & have FUN (MANDATORY!!)!
> Additional Educational Opportunities:
> * On-line Web Quest, Sampler, & Treasure Hunt activities participation
> * Student/classroom interaction between participating schools
> * Teacher interaction and idea exchange
> * "School Partnering"  and "Adopt A Rover" Programs
> * International school enrollment
> About The B2B-EDU Team
> James Wilmerding
> BA  & MS - C. W. Post College; M.Ed. - Tennessee State University
> Jim began his 25 year education career as a Middle School classroom teacher
> and continued on as a teaching principal at numerous elementary schools
> across the South and Northeast US. In 1993, Jim and his family moved
> year-round to an island off the coast of Maine where he remains active in a
> variety of educational endeavors.
> Besides developing educational components for Internet projects such as B2B,
> he serves as a Search Associate for a national teacher recruitment,
> placement and executive search firm. Here he utilizes his extensive school
> experiences as the company places teachers, administrators, and Heads of
> Schools in both national and international educational facilities. He also
> assists non-profit organizations in Development efforts and fund raising
> initiatives.
> In his spare time, Jim is an active Advanced Life Support certified
> Emergency Medical Technician licensed at both the state and national levels.
> He volunteers for a number of rescue services serving his community. He is
> also a member of the American Red Cross National Disaster Services Human
> Resources System and is frequently called upon to respond to national
> disasters around the country. Additionally, for 28 years, Jim has been an
> avid Amateur "Ham" Radio operator (W2EMT is his FCC call letters)
> continually integrating this hobby into classroom experiences for students
> around the world.
> Andrew Wilmerding
> BS in Education - University of Portland
> MA in progress - University of Portland
> Andrew currently works as an independent contractor for the Multnomah County
> Juvenile Court and Services to Children and Families in Portland, Oregon.
> His job is one of wearing many different hats providing a variety of
> educational and social support to "at-risk" juveniles. Most of the clients
> with whom he works are minorities with a troubled childhood and are either
> already on probation or parole.
>   The daily routine often includes meeting with his client in 1-2 hours
> individual sessions. During that time either they work on assignments
> together and discuss any problems relating to the student's education. Most
> of the work is done on-site at the schools or group homes. He follows his
> clients to court or "lock up" as necessary. He is an integral link between
> The Juvenile Court System and The Portland Public Schools System.
>  Another important part of Andrew's life is his two Labrador Retrievers:
> Cleo and Rufus.(learn about them elsewhere on the EDU site) Most of what he
> does for fun and recreation revolves around the pups. He enjoys camping,
> kayaking, hiking, and sailing - just about anything that takes place
> outdoors! Oh...and OF COURSE four wheeling in his D-90 Land Rover.
>  Andrew is a member of the local Portland Oregon area American Red Cross
> where he serves as an active member of the Disaster Action Team. He is
> regularly called out to provide assistance at fires or other types of
> disasters requiring Red Cross help. Other hobbies include: art, computer
> (Mac only please) and music.
> http://www.bordertoborder.com (education link)
> The Border To Border Expedition Society
> Amateur Radio Informational Supplement
> As part of the B2B Educational Component designed for Trans-American Trek 99
> Stage II (A2A- America to Alaska), Amateur Radio Operator, B2B-33 Co-Driver
> and educator, Jim Wilmerding (Amateur Radio Call W2EMT) will operate an FCC
> licensed "Special Events Station". This station has been assigned US call
> letters "K2A". Operation will begin over Labor Day Weekend with a portable
> station being set up at a British automobile show in Portland, Oregon.
> Beginning during the following week of September 7th,  while vehicle B2B-33
> "Team Lab Rover" is on-route, daily radio contacts will be scheduled with
> schools/youth groups and ham radio enthusiasts around the world.
> At present there are over 200+ schools that utilize this unique hobby as an
> educational supplement to their daily classroom activities. Supported by the
> Education Division of The American Radio Relay League (ARRL), these schools
> are networked and participate in many youth-oriented radio projects during
> the year. These events range from simple classroom to classroom contacts and
> interactions to the very popular and successful Shuttle Amateur Radio
> Experiment sponsored by NASA, The ARRL and The Amateur Radio Satellite
> Corporation. Over the past 15 years, hundreds of schools (including W2EMT's)
> participated in real-time scheduled radio contacts with astronauts orbiting
> on numerous Space Shuttle missions.
> During B2B-33's trek from Bellingham WA, through British Columbia, Alaska,
> The Yukon & Northwest Territories and on North above the Arctic Circle to
> Inuvik, NWT, Special Events Station "K2A" will operate voice communications
> on the HF, VHF, & UHF amateur bands as well as the possibility of
> maintaining an ARPS transmitting station. While the Team is on the road,
> both pre-scheduled and random daily QSO's will be made with classrooms &
> individuals around the globe. Specially designated  "B2B/K2A" schools will
> assist as Net Control Stations during scheduled contacts. Specific contact
> and schedule information can be obtained on the "K2A" page on the
> Expedition's education web site link at http://www.bordertoborder.com .
> Special QSL cards/certificates will be issued for  one-way SWL opportunities
> as well as two-way contact confirmation. School stations will be encouraged
> to initiate contact other school groups as well as Team Lab Rover.
> This will truly be an exciting opportunity to promote "border to border"
> cultural awareness, friendship, and interaction on a worldwide scale! Many
> national & international schools/groups are already enrolled and are
> preparing to share in this unique experience as they contact each other
> classroom to classroom!
> Please check frequently for updates and current radio information on the
> "Radio K2A" web site linked at B2B-EDU. Schools/amateur radio operators
> interested in participating as a "K2A/B2B" Net Control Station please e-mail
> W2EMT at: w2emt@arrl.net or trek@bordertoborder.com

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