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oddball splits

Sorry, I lost Miles' message about the ARISS frequency pairing ..
disappeared into the bit bucket, so I can't quote from it ..

Some radios may deal with their VCO control differently than others.  I
have two HT's, a Kenwood 79A and a Yaesu VX-1, both of which will program
any of the three uplink frequencies in a memory channel with 145.8125 with
no problems.  The difficulties Miles is referring to may be in older radios
that have more limited microcontroller capabilities and required creative
programming to make them work.  Any modern radio should be able to handle
these custom splits just fine.  (By the way, the VX-1 is a single VFO radio
-- it won't crossband, but any in-band split is usable, and with a small
mod, crossband splits are available too.)

Maybe mobiles are less flexible about their custom splits than HT's are,
but I doubt it.  Radios that don't deal well with this sort of thing
quickly get a bad reputation .. ;-)

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