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be patient, don't break rules and never give up


I've been trying to contact JP for about 1 month without success. All I have
right now is a HT, a car-light chord and a mobile dual-band antenna. Well, I
have to try with these conditions what will be an "impossible mission". I
spent many hours and gasoline climbing to the highest point of my town
(aprox 400 mts alt.), carrying my laptop running Winorbit (tracking
software) and Winpack. The spot is good because at night is very dark and I
can see MIR passing in the sky. Because I have a mobile omni-directional
antenna I have to wait for passes with high elevation and I can only hear
MIR when it is at least abt 4 degrees high. That reduces my chances of
success due to the strong qrm from all Europe. Anyway I've always called
when I heard QRZ and never break a qso. I've always come down with a strong
feeling of sadness but at least I tried.

Today, at 1827z, I was in the middle of the town surrounded by buildings.
Well, I thought, it's difficult to make the contact but I will give it a
try. MIR came in Packet mode during 3 or 4 minutes then JP called CQ. My
instinct told me to call and I said TE mobile TE mobile TE mobile, I
released PTT and heard "TE mobile je vous ecoute". Wow!!!! Incredible..I was
in QSO with JP. He heard me very jammed but i did it.

I think that if we use low power and don't break the rules there's room for
everybody...including mobile and HT stations even in a crowded band.

Thanks to Dr.Dave Larsen N6CO and Francisco CT1EAT for their care and

73 de CT1ETE/Paulo

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