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Re: sts-93 contact

Bruce Paige wrote:
> turns out that for the pass over houston, he was transmitting on 144.49 (the
> frequency for packet and voice over europe). that is where the shuttle crew
> was listening, not on 144.45 or 144.47. 

Actually I thought the oposit could accur over Europe. That's why 
I called (packet and voice) on 144.45/47. My bet was they were receiving 
on the "wrong" frequency! Because I had no reply (particulary on packet)
my conviction was they simply were receiving on a "private" 
rx frequency, probably the one used for SAREX school contacts.
But this is just an idea...

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. If any SAREX team member could come with an "official word" about
     question, it would be great. At least it would "confort" a lot of
     (feeling desapointed because they didn't work it), particulary if
     find out it wasn't due our fault.
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