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Re: MIR phone contact in europe

At 03:17 PM 8/2/99 +0100, Paulo Pinto wrote:
 >I've heard many times JP trying to make random contacts over EU but it was
 >always impossible to complete a single one due to the strong qrm. He was
 >calling one particular station and seemed that everyone was calling him. I
 >know that many hams don't behave this way but we all suffer the

I would imagine that if there are even a few hams who behave that way they
totally drown out the ones that play by the rules.  At Mir's altitude,
about 1/10 of the earth's surface has a direct line of sight, and with an
area that size full of people with high power VHF radios and Yagis aimed at
Mir .. I've tried to work Mir myself and there's no competing with these
guys.  Listen to the SAFEX repeater if you want to hear what it sounds like
.. ;-) .. honestly, I don't blame JP for sticking to particular stations
for an entire pass.  He must get blasted to the bulkead every time he calls
QRZ ..

73 de KD5BIV EM10DH

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