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Re: MIR phone contact in europe

Schayk A.H. van wrote:
> Hi
> Is it just me or are more hams getting pissed off because J.P. uses the
> whole pass to talk to 1 france ham and not just 1 pass but pass after pass
> day after day.

Although I understand your (and many) point of view, 
you must keep in mind this is NOT a Dx'ped to some rare country.
JP didn't went to MIR to do "Dx from space", and that isn't his
primary mission on board! 

Also, if he wants just to speak with A, B or C, even if don't please us,
he his on his OWN right to do so! Try to think what you probably do if
you were on his place, 6 month away from home...

I know it's "painfull" just to listen! I suffered from that during ALL
DL cosmonaut "MIR operations", even I called them a "million" times,
but at least I got a SWL card from them. I know it's not the best,
but it's better than nothing! 

> I know that the ham station in mir is not only for us but also for the
> recreation of the crew but this is getting out off hand, many hams have
> invested hunderds of dollars in antennas and trx to make a contact and all
> they can do is listen to J.P. chatting with some france ham.

I don't belive ANY salesman in the world sold you anything with the
garanty you would do a certain QSO with that equipment...

Bottom line: keep your mind cool, concentrate on the orbit's, time, etc
and I'm sure you will be able to do it. We all know it isn't easy,
and that's why it "taste" so good.

Good luck!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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