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MIR phone contact in europe

I was on holiday in France and Spain last 2 weeks but I was reading the
French newspapers throughout. They are very, very proud of their
"spationautes" and were particularly proud of the fact that last week there
were two French spationautes in orbit, in Columbia (Tognini) and Mir
(Haigneré). The articles finished by saying - we Europeans have to rely on
the Russians and the Americans - for the moment.... 

As for me, I wish we had a European space program to which my country -GB-
played a leading part. If we did I'm sure I would want to talk to the
British astronaut all the time. We still talk about Helen Sharman. In my
country we do very little in space. But in my nearest City, Leicester, we
are opening a National Space Science Centre, to tell people about space
sciences - it's a millenium landmark project.

J-P's country has made a big effort as part of the international space
program, they've sent one of theirs to Mir, one of theirs to Columbia,; let
them have some of the glory for that. If J-P wants to discuss his walking
holidays in France while overflying it - in his own native language- that's
cool by me.

andy G0SFJ
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