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Today over Europe


Mir came up on packet on the 1430 pass.  On the 1604 and
1740 passes, JP was on voice.  He began the first pass on
145.985, then moved to 145.940.  On the later pass, he
remained on 145.985 until my LOS here in London.

He seems to be getting pretty exasperated with stations
who call him while he is in his long French QSOs.  My
suggestion is that if he wants to ragchew with friends,
he do it off the public frequencies.  Yes, people will
find him wherever he goes, but at least if it's on an
unpublished frequency they may get the idea that he
doesn't want callers.  To regularly ragchew on the
public frequency is simply to ask for trouble.  It's only
human nature.

73, Ray

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