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Re: MIR phone contact in europe

I've heard many times JP trying to make random contacts over EU but it was
always impossible to complete a single one due to the strong qrm. He was
calling one particular station and seemed that everyone was calling him. I
know that many hams don't behave this way but we all suffer the

73 Paulo/CT1ETE

>Is it just me or are more hams getting pissed off because J.P. uses the
>whole pass to talk to 1 france ham and not just 1 pass but pass after pass
>day after day.
>I know that the ham station in mir is not only for us but also for the
>recreation of the crew but this is getting out off hand, many hams have
>invested hunderds of dollars in antennas and trx to make a contact and all
>they can do is listen to J.P. chatting with some france ham.
>73 de Andre PE1RDW

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