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MIR Voice Schedules for South America

>We tried to cover as much of the world a possible for the MAREX-NA Public
Voice Event.  However, because of crew OFF-Hours limitations and orbit
availability, it was not possible to make arrangements... 
>73 Miles
>Are there any reason to forget South America in the schedules for this
event?... >Plinio - PY2FKQ
Hello friends,

Its *really* important make voice transmitions to South America. 

With these transmitions we can better educate the people here for not use
simplex modes for local QSOs in the satellites sub-band because these
satellites services are ready for us, for any simple ham operator with
simple equipment, even for voice contacts.

In addition the voice contacts will be for any begginer one great incentive
for start his satellites/Shuttle activities and increase your local AMSAT,
maybe future SAREX activities.

Here we are in third world and education is the main point. I belive and I
know that is the main point of MAREX too, so we will be QRV (for one year
if need) for make these future voice QSOs but please dont forget to put
some South American cities in the MIR crew voice sched.

Thanks for attention and good luck for all, specially who can make voice
QSOs with MIR. Now we are able just to *seen* these good news.

Thanks for the attention.

AL, py2zx@starmail.com

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