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MIR: Whats Correct.???

Dear OM,
There were many questions on the topic MIR the last days in the
I forwarded these to an excellent source, Chris VandenBerg in the
Netherlands, who is known for his experience on Mir and space in general and
his perfect knowledge of the Russian language.
He answered several questions in detail. His weekly report on MIR is
readable in the English section of Muurkrant.com (MIRnews).
pe1crc@amsat.org / LM-1810


>Sent: donderdag 29 juli 1999 14:37
>To: sarex@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: Re: [sarex] Whats Correct.???
>The main objective on this most recent EVA was to find and eliminate a
>pressure leak somewhere on MIR. Apparently the leak is small but serious -
>they are reporting that it will render MIR uninhabitable within a few
>if it can not be found. They did not find it on this last EVA but they did
>fix the antenna while they were out there. They are considering another
>very soon to try again on the pressure leak.
>I am not in any official capacity with MIR - just saw it on CNN's website a

*) They did not find the leak during the EVA on 23.07.   During the EVA on
28.07 they did not look for that leak,   it was not included in the working
schedule for that EVA. (EVA = outside inspection of the space station)

*) It is still possible to compensate the loss of air by using the Elektron
oxygen generators and adding air from tanks (balloons) of the Progress-M42.

*) The leak in Module-D is annoying and it makes it difficult to use that
module without extra caution. So it is not dangerous, but it limits the
possibilities of the crew as far as tasks within Module-D are concerned. To
be sure that there will be no danger they have to close the hatch to that
module, but they need to open this to get oxygen produced by one of the
Elektrons in D.  (The second one is in the astrophysical module
Kvant-1 -37KE)

*) About the antenna construction.   During the EVA on 23.07 they fixed the
structure at the Sofora girder, but did not succeed in opening the antenna
fully. This was just an engineering experiment for the future use of an
entire new system to unfold antennae for navitation satellites.  They
continued the deployment attempts and succeeded in opening the structure
fully. After that they launched the whole thing in open space.
Georgian technicians said: This was the launch of the 1st Georgian sputnik.

>few days back.
>John Porter
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>From: Phillip Conza <phil@zl2tze.mlb.planet.gen.nz>
>Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 4:29 AM
>Subject: [sarex] Whats Correct.???
>>Hi ,
>>    Well here is some more NEWS, that was on our National TV News today.
>>   " A New 18 Million Dollar Antenna has been fixed on MIR and it appears
>>    to be operational this was after a space walk. "
>>    From what I could get from the NEWS it appears that this walk happened
>>    over the last day or 2 ..
>>    One would think that if MIR was going to be abandoned in August which
>>    is only 2 days away, that all they would be worried about is making
>>    that everything is set ready for departure etc..
>>    Maybe someone connected Officially with MIR can answer the many
>>    questions.
>>    73 Phillip ZL2TZE
*) The installation of that antenna was just temporary. An engineering
experiment. After the full deployment on 28.07 the antenna was jettisoned
into open space. There were no plans to use this antenna for communication
purposes on MIR.


>>>Date sent:      Wed, 28 Jul 1999 20:35:48 -0400
>>>From:           Matthew G Robertson <w5hat@juno.com>
>>>Just heard on ABC Nightly News that when Cosmonauts leave Mir in August
>>>that Russia will let the station BURN up in the atmosphere. I have heard
>>>here lately that MIR will be unmanned for six(6) months and then a new
>>>crew will take over. Which story is true, and if Mir isn't going to burn
>>>up someone needs to tell the media to get there facts straight before
>>>they broadcast them to a nation hungry for information. Tnx.
>>>73's de;
>>>Matt Robertson
>>>*) There is no crew which has to 'take over'. The Russians hope to find
some money to be able to have a short expedition (the last and 28th Main
Expedition to MIR) in the beginning of next year just before the operation
to have MIR decayed.  The crew is in training and consists of Zalyotin and

If there will be no money this mission will not take place.
The mission had to last about 6 days to do some final adjustments before the
decay operation.

Chris van den Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202

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