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Re: 0:15 UTC Mir pass no voice

In a message dated 99-07-29 22:27:53 EDT, richardbleeker@geocities.com writes:

<< I listened out and called as usual, but all I heard was the silly packet
 beacon, so I thought "what the hell - I probably won't hear voices
 so I connected and did a Jheard...did any of these guys on this list
 have any voice QSO for this orbit???

My contact was an UNPROTO Thank You to WB4APR for going out of his way to 
help me reset my packet station to UNPROTO mode this weekend...

BTW ...I was using 10 watts out to an 11 element Cushcraft beam stuck at 210 
degrees west...

I haven't heard any voice passes of MIR in the week I have been back on...

Again Thanks to WB4APR for his help



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