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Will try for 22:41 Mir

Hi All

I am going to try (AGAIN!) for a voice QSO with Mir here in South Africa
Local time of the pass will be 0:41 and UTC is 22:41.  I read the
message re voice comms in UK yesterday at the 22:20 UTC pass, so
because mine is reasonably close to that, I am hoping for success!!!

Will let you all know how it goes.....

BTW, does anybody know the equation for converting locators eg KG50DK
into the Lat and Long??? Perhaps a little QBASIC code would help or any
other programming language, or even a formula.....Also, if you know of
some software which will plot an entered locator on a world map, I would
be grateful for that information. :)


Richard (ZR5RJB)
Address: 29 Bergview Road, Hilton, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Locator: KG50DK
Telephone: +27 82 723 8215
Email:  <zr5rjb@amsat.org>
Packet: ZR5RJB @ ZS5V.ZAF.AF
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