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Hello I have a request for advice. I have a Kantronics KAM with no manual,
and I want to try to send UNPROTO packets thru MIR. I know how to do it,
but I am using HOSTMASTER PLUS 2, and everytime I type CONVERS to enter the
converse mode after I set my unproto message, it says "Enter that mode from
the Menu". There is no command on the menu to go into converse mode. Can
anyone help me with this or suggest another DOS program that is better.
Also, is there a way to send an APRS message through a packet terminal
program or do you have to use DosAPRS ?

73 - Jamie Hutches, KD5GOB
Harding University ARC
Searcy, AR    EM45df
Internet:  		        Jamie Hutches
jmhutches@harding.edu        Harding University
ICQ:  1287771			HU Box 10247
**Ham Radio: KD5GOB	    Searcy, AR 72149-0001
  GridSquare: EM45		 501-279-5212
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