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Re: MIR busy on 20:20 pass over UK

NToombes@aol.com wrote:
 > Hi all
 > Lots of voice activity on 145.985 MHz from Mir this evening 28 July 1999 on
 > the 20:20 (UTC) pass over the UK. At best, I was receiving a S9 signal with
 > excellent audio but he (I presume JP)  was already in conversation with a
 > station for my entire pass so I didnt "break" in (however much my brother
 > wanted me to!). I am determined to make a voice QSO with Mir before its
 > demise.

Likewise, I am also determined to make voice contact before the 23rd...
I listened a little while after Neil, at 23:50 UTC, and called on
using my 5W HT and rubber-ducky antenna at first and then switching to
5el yagi.
I heard nothing except the R0MIR packet beacon. This is strange because
should have been awake then - until 0100 UTC in fact....

Anyway I will keep trying :)

Richard (ZR5RJB)
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Locator: KG50DK
Telephone: +27 82 723 8215
Email:  <zr5rjb@amsat.org>
Packet: ZR5RJB @ ZS5V.ZAF.AF

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