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Re: Mir Voice Schedules on 2-meters

Miles Mann wrote:
 > One orbit does not cover the whole world.
 > It takes 15 orbits to cover 90% of the world.
 > We alos have a very limited crew access time slot.
 > Schedules can not be run while crew is sleeping 11:00 UTC - 01:00 UTC
 > If this public event is sucesfull we can try it again with ISS and Mir Next
 > year.

Yes, I also think that perhaps slots with other countries such as
_South_Africa_ for
example should be considered....maybe something can be worked out.

Well I am in South Africa (Locator KG50DK) which is UCT+2, and the next
Mir pass
will be at approx. 23:50 UTC 28 July, 1:50am here, so I will attempt to
contact the fellows
on 145.985 simplex, and hopefully will be able to make a voice QSO.

Richard Bleeker (ZR5RJB)
Address: 29 Bergview Road, Hilton, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Locator: KG50DK
Telephone: +27 82 723 8215
Email:  <zr5rjb@amsat.org>
Packet: ZR5RJB @ ZS5V.ZAF.AF

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