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Re: Mir Voice Schedules on 2-meters

One orbit does not cover the whole world.
It takes 15 orbits to cover 90% of the world.
We alos have a very limited crew access time slot.
Schedules can not be run while crew is sleeping 11:00 UTC - 01:00 UTC

If this public event is sucesfull we can try it again with ISS and Mir Next
There is also the possibility of RANDOM contacts during other times of the

World Coverage during the  MAREX-NA Public Voice event:

We tried to cover as much of the world a possible for the MAREX-NA Public
Voice Event.  However, because of crew OFF-Hours limitations and orbit
availability, it was not possible to make arrangements for voice coverage
over several parts of the world.  We only have a very limited crew access

73 Miles

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Subject:  Re: [sarex] Mir Voice Schedules on 2-meters


Are there any reason to forget South America in the schedules for this
event? We have cities like São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago with
millions of inhabitants, countries like Brazil, who launched the Dove  DO-17
and Argentina who launched the LO-19, strong contributions to the radio
amateur experiments in the space.
Could you explain to this community the reasons for this schedule?
Thank you.
Plinio - PY2FKQ


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