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Re: Condensed Guide lines for Mir PMS

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Miles Mann wrote a short condensed guide line for
using the Mir Personal Message System listing Mission and minimum ERP

>   * FREQUENCIES:       145.985 FM Simplex

As one of the sysops for the PMS system, Mile's recommendations are
whatever he thinks is best....  in this case 45 watts.  But what I meant
to ask for from all satellite owner/operators was the "minimum ERP
requirements" to close the link under nominal conditions.  This would
estalbish the minimum station baseline. 

During the first week of June APRS/MIR Handheld tests we demonstrated near
100% reliable MIR communications using 5 watt Handhelds and rubber duck
antennas.  THus, approximately 5W ERP.  These were not just flukes.  We
did it consistently, repeatedly, and frequently over the USA.  I am
overdue for posting the results to the SIG, but I had a student working on
the summary and he was on vacation...

So, in my opinion, the "minimum ERP requirment" for MIR is 5 watts for
individual UI packets.  Miles recommendation is from a different
perspective and that is to complete a CONNECTED QSO with a BBS and all the
attendant overhead packets in the presence of QRM...   I'm not arguing
with his recommendation.  Just clarifying the issue..

bob, WB4APR

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