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Where is MIR?

Checked three passes today for the Chicago/Midwest (USA)

Orbit 76781
4:14 to 4:24 PM CDT No Joy 143.625 voice or 145.985 voice or packet

Orbit 76782 
5:50 to 17:59 PM CDT No joy 145.985 voice or packet, but did catch about 30 
seconds of weak packet on 145.94 but unable to confirm source as I heard it 
my HT.

Orbit 76783 
7:26 to 7:35 PM No joy 145.985 voice or packet or 143.625 voice 

Yesterday heard voice comms on 145.985 on orbit 76765  about 3:50 to 3:58 CDT 
as well as packet on other overhead orbits.

What am I doing wrong, has orbit changed and do I need new overhead times?  I 
almost always am able to copy the packet sigs on 145.985 during orbit times 

Any ideas

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