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Re: MIR Shuttle Exchange

On 7/27/99 4:32 AM, BillWA6ITF@aol.com (BillWA6ITF@aol.com)  passed this 

>In a message dated 7/27/99 1:04:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
>paulv@tolstoi.saccii.net.au writes:
>> Did anyone else notice that during the MIR shuttle exchange, that one of the
>> ends of the QSO "shared" a song.  Perhaps someone should remind these folks
>> that music is prohibited on Amateur radio.
> >
> > Ron KC7WNM
> > Boise, ID USA
>Do you really and truly think that anyone -- including our FCC or the Russian 
>PTT really cares?  This is tghe history of mankind in space being written and 
>that 'history' is a lot more important than the rules of ham radio in the 
>Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF 

 AMEN! sheesh ... lighten up ... get a life!

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