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qsl of MIR contacts

The Crew of the Russian Space station does not keep a formal log of all amateur
radio contacts.
QSL cards are issued on the honor system.
We assume you are telling the truth about making a two-way contact.
After all, 99.99% of all Amateur Radio stations are very honest and trust worthy

good luck

QSL Update:

The MAREX-Russia club has temporalry run out of QSL cards for the Mir project.
A new card is being designed and should be at the printers by end of August.

We  are now looking into different plans on how to restock the QSL cards for the
MAREX-Russia  club  and  we  need  about  4000  cards.  When I get more specific
information, I will pass it on.

QSL Information:

Please use one of the following QSL managers and follow the directions for that
Manager and included the following information:

Return Name and Address, country, ZIP
Date and time of your contact, In UTC format
Signal report (Best guess)
Radio Station and Antenna (optional)

All Mir contacts, including SWL, Two-way voice or Packet connections (R0MIR),
and including the Sputnik Satellites

Envelopes should be well sealed and do not include cash.
Send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope ) and one or two IRC coupons
(which can be purchased at major US post offices).
Do not make any notes on the out side of the envelope with Amateur Radio Call
signs visible.

Sergej Samburov
PO Box 73
Korolev-10 City
Moscow Area, 141070, Russia


The California address still has a short supply of cards in stock.
For Two-way contacts with Mir ONLY.  Just for the call sign R0MIR and R0MIR-1
No SSTV-SWL (Short Wave Listener) cards will be issued at this address.
No Sputnik-SWL cards

Dr. Dave Larsen - N6CO/K6MIR
PO Box 311
Pine Grove, California

Please include a SASE (Business Size Envelope) and two IRC?s  for international.
If you are sending an IRC, Please make sure it is dated 1999, as the post office
won't accept IRC's dated over 1 year old.
Make sure the cancel stamp is in the right place on the IRC.
"Green Stamps" (USA ONLY) are appreciated for covering additional costs.

Note: Dave Larsen MIREX / N6CO is not handling SWL cards for Sputnik, please use
the other addresses

"Paulo Pinto" <ct1ete@mail.telepac.pt> on 07/27/99 05:11:32 AM

To:   sarex@AMSAT.Org
cc:    (bcc: Miles Mann/PicTel)
Subject:  [sarex] qsl of MIR contacts


I heard JP last sunday saying to CT1DYX that he didn't have a logbook and
could not register the complete callsign. I wonder how contacts are logged.
This can cause a problem because everyone can request a qsl card of a a
contact they didn't make and an accurate response can't be done.

Am I wrong ??

Best 73

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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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