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Re: Mir Shuttle Exchange


I agree with Cedrick, but I've got a different
problem.  The BBC World Service newscast led with
the Mir-Shuttle contact, but didn't even mention
that it took place via amateur radio.  Perhaps our
friends at RSGB can let them know.....

73, Ray
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From:	K9YO- Cedrick Johnson, INTERNET:k9yo@ix.netcom.com
DATE:	7/26/99 11:22 PM

RE:	Re: [sarex] Mir Shuttle Exchange

I may sound a bit sarcastic here, but this guy has not seen his comrade in 
a long time, and I'm sure that they didn't mean to do the song thing on 
purpose. They haven't seen each other in a while, and they got caught up in 
the excitement of having the chance to talk to one another in space, and 
probably to each other.

I think that it would be pretty hard to listen to the local radio station 
in Paris when you whiz right by it in a hunk of metal miles above the earth..

Give them a break, fellas..

We should be grateful to NASA and the whole crew for even allowing Amateur 
Radio to be onboard the Shuttle. I'm sure a big company with a huge purse 
would be delighted to take Amateur Radio's place onboard space shuttle 
missions, and the ISS.
Ham radio numbers are declining, and these astronauts, AMSAT volunteers, 
and countless NASA employees are trying their best to make sure that Ham 
Radio is kept alive in space and on the ground. Give them SOME credit for 
at least giving students the chance to EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC of ACTUALLY 
talking to a HUMAN BEING in OUTER SPACE, thru some kind of WIRELESS technology.

Thanks to the crew aboard the shuttle, and to the many folks who make 
Amateur Radio happen on these missions.


At 09:26 PM 7/26/99 , Ron Schinnerer wrote:
Did anyone else notice that during the MIR shuttle exchange, that one of the
ends of the QSO "shared" a song. Perhaps someone should remind these folks
that music is prohibited on Amateur radio.

Boise, ID USA

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