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Re: STS -93 heard packet in Puerto Rico

Angel KP4TE wrote:
> Hi:
> I heard the packet signal from STS93 starting at
> 2049 aprox UTC,  

I heard it 10 minutes later. It was a good pass but only 
2 frames heard. The previous pass (1927-1933z) I also heard 
2 frames. Nothing heard beetween 2236-2243z.
There was no reply to my packet and voice call's. Just in case,
I used the 3 known set of channels... No luck either.

Unfortunatly, beside not being able to do any qso, I had 
"extra" bad luck: to monitor audio I connected my new headphones 
to TNC speaker connector, but due unknown reasons, that blocked
modem packet decoding. Fortunatly I taped the audio, so hopefully
I will decoded it later. So please ignore my previous comments
about this subject. Poor decoding was MY fault.

Well, even this wasn't the mission I had in mind, I want to congratulate
all SAREX team for the work well done. Congratulations!
I'm sure we learned a lot of things along the past 25 SAREX missions 
and the important issue know is to use that knowledge on ISS.

Thanks for allow us to dream about talking to an astrounaut again!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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