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Re: Sun/Mon obs. Sarex

Adrian, you are lucky!

awallace@riverland.net.au wrote:
> My last 4 passes (UT) were....
> 2141 Sunday....packet beaconing, but no connect;
> 2315...total silence;
> 0050 Mon.....caught end of school contact...no response to calls,
> no packet;
> 0226....total silence.
> (VK5AW) Adrian in South Australia.

Well _My_ last 4 passes (UT) were....
0646 Nothing
0822 More Nothing
0957 Still Nothing
1134 Absolutely Nothing

All the previous days have followed a similar pattern with the only
slight variation being the deviation of pass times - and believe me, I
have *tried*, I have listened to every single one so far!

If anyone else in South Africa has perhaps heard anything, please let me
know as I am feeling very dispondent and almost ready to give up... I
don't think I will be able to QSO or at least *hear* the shuttle before
it lands on Wednesday UTC, also dunno when they will be packing up the
SAREX stuff - I hear it is the last SAREX mission as well......oh dear

If you have any advice, my locator is KG50DK and my Lat: 29°31'15"S 
Long: 30°17'30"E

Richard Bleeker in South Africa (ZR5RJB)
Address: 29 Bergview Road, Hilton, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Locator: KG50DK
Telephone: +27 82 723 8215
Email:  richardbleeker@geocities.com
Packet: ZR5RJB @ ZS5V.ZAF.AF
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